pittsburgh and weirton portrait photographer

Hi there! Lisha Lee here! 🙂

"Is your real name Lisha Lee"? Not exactly. My name is Alicia Lee Cerullo. Otherwise known as Lish or Lisha to most people, Mommy to my sweet son and daughter, Babe to my husband of 15+ years, and Mrs. Cerullo to my students. I can tell you about how long I've been taking professional photos (10+ years) or how much I can't wait to work with you (I do!), but I'd rather give you more personal information (no, not that personal haha) about me and tell you about my awkward moments (most of my life) or anything else random that is me.


  • laughing (usually @ myself)
  • being goofy
  • the color purple
  • Sharpies!!
  • dogs
  • teaching
  • buffalo chicken (YUM!)
  • selfies


  • pudding *gag*
  • having to end a good conversation
  • when it rains & I'm wearing flip flops
  • when my nail polish chips
  • negativity
  • when my pen skips/stops writing
  • the sound balloons make when you rub them *cringe*